zonal gathering prayer:



We start with our SJ identity as “sinners yet companions of Jesus” we take cognizance of the two dimensions of this identity. We take the help of St. Paul who makes two  interesting similar sounding statements in two different letters: in Rom 7.20 he verbalizes our common struggle and comes to the conclusion; it is no longer I that do it but the sin that dwells in me.” Which leads him to cry: wretched man that I am who will save me from this body of death?” and immediately he answers; Thank God in Jesus Christ once he grows into the reality of Christ he would articulate; it is no  longer I who live but Christ lives in me.” Gal 2.20. Which he would explain in 2 cor 5.14 “The love of Christ impels me.”


A little anecdote is helpful; a son asks his father why some people are good and some bad. Father says we all have two wolves within us fighting. Son asks who will win? Father says; it depends which one we feed. The question before us which wolf we are feeding. The deadening ego of Rom 7. 20 or the dynamic love of Christ of Gal 2.20. The former (first one) seem to act almost automatically while the latter comes alive with awareness. So let us spend few moments becoming aware of the presence of the spirit of Christ within you and within each other. It is that spirit that binds together in love and moves us dynamically in service.  


vadodara zonal gathering


North South zonal gathering Presentations

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Zonal Gatherings



Sabarkantha: Vijayanagar, Bhiloda, Poshina, Modasa

North Gujarat: Radhanpur, Mandali, Kalol, Unteshwari, Sanand, Dandhuka

Ahmedabad: Premal Jyoti, (Prashant, Sughad Panth), College, Loyola Hall,

Gurjarvani, Sughad, Gandhinagar

Anand:           Nadiad, Anand, Varasda, Khambhat, Nagra, Vidyanagar, Anklav,

Baroda:          Sevasi (Sneh Jyoti, Xavier Technical), Vadodara (Rosary, St.Joseph’s, Jeevan Darshan), Katamba, Waghodia

N.South:         Bharuch, Ankleshwar, Rajpipla, Dediapada, Sagpara, Umarpada

Nanisingaloti, Zankhvav, Dadhvada

S.South:          Surat (Nav Sarjan, St.Xavier’s), Vyara, Mandal, Songadh, Bardipada, Unai, Subir, Pimpri,  Shamgahan, Dharampur, Paraspada


It was suggested that the zonal level gatherings could be held from Tea to Tea, with the idea of spending the night together at one place. This would be the ideal.  If, however, there are practical problems of accommodation then the next best thing is to spend a whole day – morning to evening – together.


·         We begin the gathering either by a brief prayer (if the meeting is from Tea to Tea) or with Eucharist (if the meeting is from Morning to Evening).

·         We are planning for an exhibition (publication, photos, artifacts, books, musical instruments, dress, ppt, cartoons, stories, brochure, stamp collection,)  [Jothi Xavier would contact the concerned persons and instruct them as to what to do.]

·         One person from each community would share about the community.  The points to be covered are: the historical beginning, memorable mile-stones in the history of the community, the various initiatives and ministries of the community, a brief profile of the people for whom and with whom we are working; joys and struggles; agony and ecstasy of the community.  

[It is highly desirable that this report is prepared AFTER CONSULTING the members of the community and other relevant sources AND that it is WRITTEN DOWN]

·         We shall spend a session in which ALL could share about the zone as a whole – what are strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in the zone.

·         One member of the team which attended the Assistancy Level Consultation at Jamshedpur will share on the Challenges Ahead (the New Frontiers) and its relevance for the zone.

ZONAL LEVEL Gathering (possible Timetable)

4 pm –  5.30 > exhibition & orientation (purpose of the gathering)

5.30 pm > sharing

7.30 pm > prayer

8 pm dinner

9 – 10 pm – informal light activity

 (Obstacles to unity among us. Remedy for this.)

 what are your strength in our zone, new frontiers to venture into

What is your response to what happened in your community (ground reality)

Presentation of the history of each community + symbolically express your community.

Individual > Community > night activity > it will be developed by  bobby.

What do you think of the zone? (personally)

Sharing in the community > then sharing in the zone


Next day

7.00 am = mass (prepared by the zone)

8.00 am = breakfast

8.30 - continue the sharing of the previous night

Sharing of Jamshedpur

Last session > sharing of how was this session, what are they looking for in the PS